Architectural and Interior photography

Architectural Interior Photography NY Smits Photography

Looking for the essence

The first time I came across architecture photography was when I was in my teens. In a magazine I saw a photograph of the New York skyline with the proud Empire State Building slightly to the left of the centre. Teenagers are insecure about many things, but from that moment on I was sure about one thing: One day I would go to New York to see and photograph those amazing buildings myself. The rest, as they say, is history.

Specialized in architecture and interior photography

I am now a photographer specializing in architecture and interior photography. Under my company name SMITS I work for architects, urban planners, project developers, advertising agencies and other parties. People often say they value my work because it is easy on the eye but at the same time it invites you to have a closer look – to go on an adventure in this pre-determined framework – because my photographs subtly emphasize the special features of a building, an interior or a product.

A perfect mix

Architecture photography and interior photography fit me like a glove, because these specialisms in particular demand a perfect mix of craftsmanship, creativity and technique. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to realize an idea, create an image and then see that my customers are enthusiastic about it. This is my prime concern: to make my customers happy and surprise them in a positive sense.

Significant influence

In each project, with each picture I take, I keep the ultimate viewer in mind. What do I want him or her to see? What is essential? It is a pretty responsible job, because as a photographer I can really influence what people get to see. Mutual trust between the customer and the photographer is of crucial importance in this regard.

Do you need some special architecture or interior photographs for a project? Then please do not hesitate to contact me.